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Highway 15/Main Street Hutchinson Reconstruction Project: completed!

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The new and improved Highway 15 is open to all traffic

Minnesota iconHutchinson, MN

Thank you, Hutchinson community! From the feasibility study in 2014 to community outreach beginning in 2017, to realization in 2020, it’s been a long road to reconstruction. We appreciate your partnership and patience throughout the process. Continue scrolling to learn more about the project and celebrate with us.

Please pass along the link to this virtual ribbon-cutting to family, friends and co-workers who travel Highway 15 in Hutchinson. Use the links provided below to share this site.

The in-person ribbon-cutting ceremony in downtown Hutchinson

From left to right: (First row) Mary Hodson, Hutchinson Area Chamber of Commerce President; Dave Sebesta, Hutchinson City Council Member; Beth Gasser, Hutchinson Chamber/Tourism Chair; Hutchinson Mayor Gary Forcier; Jon Huseby, MnDOT District Engineer; Mary Christianson, Hutchinson City Council Member. (Second row) Steve Cook, Hutchinson City Council Member; Justin Black, SEH Consultant Project Manager; John Rodeberg, SEH Associate; Kent Exner, Hutchinson City Engineer; Keith Messner, City of Hutchinson; Tom Gifferson, Hutchinson Police Chief. (Third row) Chad Czmowski, Hutchinson City Council Member; Shanna Kent, MnDOT Principal Engineer, Hutchinson; Brent Reiner, CEO, R & R Excavating; Ben Sandoz, MnDOT Construction Supervisor; Brent Luthens, R & R Excavating; Matt Jaunich, Hutchinson City Administrator.

Highway 15: then and now

A historic photo of downtown Hutchinson A present-day photo of downtown Hutchinson

Photo of 1931 Hutchinson from the Hutchinson Leader Newspaper.

Project Overview

Project improvements and benefits

The Highway 15/Main Street Hutchinson project began by identifying the needs of the Hutchinson community, engaging with the public and coming up with a roadway design that balanced different needs and perspectives. The project included reconstructing the existing roadway through downtown Hutchinson and making the area more accessible to pedestrians.

Highway 15 construction area map

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Partnership and Progress:

Partnering with the City of Hutchinson made it possible for them to replace utilities at the same time. The project also included resurfacing a portion of Highway 15 south of 5th Avenue. Combining these projects reduced impacts to the community, as did the progression of work in staged areas.

All improvements will help ensure the city and state infrastructure will continue to serve their purpose for many years.

Downtown reconstruction area

  • Highway 15/Main Street in Hutchinson was completely reconstructed, and concrete paved from 2nd Avenue North to 5th Avenue South in the downtown area for a smoother road surface.
  • Lighting and banner poles were refurbished and reinstalled with LED lights.
  • Sidewalks and pedestrian crossings were updated to improve conditions for walkers and people with disabilities.
  • The City of Hutchinson updated storm sewer, water main and sanitary sewer to serve the community for many years.

New Roadway Cross-section:

Improved roadway lanes diagram

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Pavement resurfacing area

  • Approximately two miles of Highway 15 was resurfaced from 5th Avenue South to just north of the roundabout at County Road 115/Airport Road for a smoother road surface.
  • A northbound left-turn lane was added at Linden Avenue to enhance safety.
  • Sidewalks and pedestrian crossings were updated to improve conditions for walkers and people with disabilities.

Design features gallery

Light poles

The existing light poles were refurbished and reinstalled with LED lights.

Banner poles

The existing banner poles were refurbished and reinstalled with LED lights.

Metal trash receptacles and benches

Look for these, or very similar, elements to be installed in the project area next spring.

Pedestrian crossings

Pedestrian crossings have been improved for everyone.

Tinted boulevards

Tinted boulevards line the business district and have a surface that is easier for people to navigate.

Grass boulevards

Sod was installed in the boulevards between 3rd Avenue South and 5th Avenue South.

Construction Progress

Project Timeline


The Highway 15 Hutchinson Feasibility Study identifies road and infrastructure improvements

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2017 through Spring 2020

MnDOT and city community engagement underway, gathering input on downtown needs, streetscaping and design

Arrow to the next timeline section
April 13, 2020

Reconstruction begins, Highway 15 closed from 2nd Avenue N to 5th Avenue S

Arrow to the next timeline section
April through August 2020

Old pavement removed, utilities replaced, and concrete work begins

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September 2020

Concrete roadway, curb and gutter, and sidewalks completed north of 5th Avenue

Asphalt resurfacing of Highway 15 south of 5th Avenue completed

Lighting, design features, and traffic signals installed

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October 2020

Roadway markings and final construction items are completed

Construction complete, the new roadway opened to all traffic—two weeks ahead of schedule!

Reconstruction Information

Listen to an overview of the reconstruction process from MnDOT staff.

Drone timelapse

Watch the drone footage to see progress of the concrete paving from a bird’s eye view.

Construction photo gallery:

Click on any of the photos below to launch a pop-up image gallery.

Project Comments

Project quote

Overall, I think the project went as well as could be expected during these times. The contractor and everybody involved was easy to work with. For a major project, which can be inconvenient to residents and businesses, there were very few complaints. We really appreciate how everyone came together to make things work for the community.

Mayor Gary Forcier, Hutchinson, MN

Project quote

The full reconstruction of Hutchinson’s Main Street through our downtown business district is extremely beneficial due to this roadway segment and the utilities beneath it being a center point of this community. This infrastructure investment into Highway 15 will serve local citizens and the surrounding region very well for many years to come. Thanks to extensive efforts of the contractor’s, MnDOT’s, chamber’s, and city’s involved personnel and the patience of adjacent property owners along with the traveling public, the construction process went very well with an outstanding project being delivered in a timely manner.

Kent Exner, City of Hutchinson engineer

Project quote

There were many unknowns with starting the Highway 15 project during COVID-19. With the help of good weather and a cooperative public, we were able to keep the project on schedule and finish a bit early. It is nice to get Main Street back open for business.

Kelly Brunkhorst, MnDOT Assistant District Engineer-Construction

Project quote

As a city council member and a council rep on the Citizens Advisory Committee that met during the planning process, I have been very pleased with how the Hwy 15/Main Street project has gone. MnDOT staff and the consultant reps were very engaged and responsive during the planning process and sharing information with the public. The Chamber of Commerce and city engineering staff also did a great job keeping businesses and property owners updated from their side of things. Finally we were blessed with near perfect weather that allowed the contractors to proceed at a consistent and timely pace.

The end result will be improved safety for vehicular traffic and those who are parking. The updated traffic signal synchronization with the integrated flashing left turn lights will improve traffic flow. Pedestrians will also see improved safety with the intersection bump outs, the ADA improvements that were incorporated, and the new sidewalks that extend to South Grade Road.

When combined with the new underground city infrastructure that was included, this project will serve city residents and downtown business owners for many years to come. Kudos to all involved!

Steve Cook, Hutchinson City Council

Community Celebration

Special thanks to

Thank you to the Highway 15 Citizen Advisory Group which was critical in determining the final streetscaping approach and other important project aspects, such as pedestrian improvements and aesthetic considerations. The advisory group consisted of approximately ten community stakeholders, along with representatives from MnDOT, City of Hutchinson, the Chamber of Commerce, and SEH.

In addition, the City Council was essential in dedicating the necessary funding to allow for the achievement of several objectives as this project’s scope was ultimately established.

And most of all, thank you to everyone in Hutchinson, MN, for your patience and understanding during the Highway 15 improvements in your community. We hope that you enjoy your new roads, sidewalks and utilities for many years to come!

City of Hutchinson and Highway 15 logos

At-home activities

Celebrate with us by downloading and completing each of these Highway 15 inspired activities at home. It's fun for the whole family!

Post-Construction Survey

MnDOT Survey

As the project wraps up in Hutchinson, MnDOT wants to know how well we’ve communicated to you during construction and how we can improve communication on future projects. Please complete the survey at right, or click here for a direct link. Thank you for taking the time to respond.